The future of Europe

Today the European Union is politically, ideologically and economically divided. Following the climax of 1990s prosperity, today Europe is characterized by internal fragmentation, instability and growing civil unrest. It is exactly at this point that the EU needs to reinvent its modus operandi; less inclined towards eurocentricism but more concerned with repositioning itself in a global political forum. EXU is a new productive monument for an outward looking European Union. The X suggests a new network with nations beyond the existing boundaries of the EU - forging an alliance with the possible power states of the future. Architecturally the EU is manifested as an agglomeration of different buildings in different locations of varied typological and stylistic differences. One of the founding principles of the EU is the notion of unification and integration. EXU is a methodology to unify this architectural expression in accordance with its new outward looking principles. The inventory of EXU aims to establish new forms of political engagement, discourse and negotiation. To guarantee the actual preservation of the European Union, EXU enables the institution to react and respond to the problems and opportunities that Europe will encounter in the future.

Entry for the International Competition: “The Europe’s Become: Architectural ideas and artistic expressions for the conservation of the future of Europe