100 Minds

100 minds was a project initiated by Paul Feeney and Marie-Louise Raue.
It was inspired by a set of books produced by Ai Weiwei in which he asked artists to write a concept explaining what was behind their activity. The books were “a means of communicating art conceptually and literally,” and their dissemination underscored the presence of a large underground artists’ network in China.
In our case we were prompted by a deafening silence amongst architects. We also noticed a lack of exchange between our closest friends, all of whom are scattered across the globe following very different trajectories.

We wanted to ask what preoccupied peoples’ minds and how they were engaging with the city and space. As ‘thought collectors’, our motive was to instigate a dialogue and possibly something larger...
In June 2016 we sent 100 emails. By early November, 57 minds responded.