Earth work: Exhibition

Quarrying is work at a geographical scale. From the bowels of the earth material is being excavated, processed and commodified. Left behind are irreversible scars in the landscape, symbols of our age. This work has led to humanity‘s greatest achievements and is at the root of its deepest contradictions. Material equals power - the coal that fuels industrial machines, the iron that produces building structures, the diamond that instills desires, the uranium that defines geopolitics and the marble that expresses ideals in the form of sculpture and architecture. If you want to know what society looks like, look at how we work with material.

Contribution to the Exhibition “The Work of Living Labour“

Exhibition panels: Paul Francis Feeney, Christopher Sucarrat Lunde & Marie-Louise Raue

Exhibition Curators: reWork (Bruno Malusa & Sofie Angelie Hovgaard)

Location: SixtyEight Art Institute Copenhagen, Denmark